UCF kicker spoofs NCAA regulations after compliance meeting about YouTube channel

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Central Florida kicker Donald De La Haye is having some fun with any potential NCAA compliance issues.

De La Haye has a YouTube channel and said earlier in the week that he met with the school’s compliance department about it. Why? It could be in violation of NCAA rules that prohibit players from profiting off their own likenesses.

Yes, it’s a bit heavy-handed to prevent someone from making money off himself. De La Haye recognizes this and poked fun at the NCAA’s regulations.

De La Haye can keep the channel and play football if he doesn’t make money off of it. He had said he was hoping to use the channel to help family members who have bills at home. If he wants to do that, he can’t play football.

“Basically, I’m not allowed to make any money off my YouTube videos,” he said in his video earlier in the week. “I’m working hard, basically like a job, filming, editing, coming up with ideas, doing things of that sort. And I’m not allowed to make any money. If I do, bad things happen.

“I feel like they’re making me pick between my passion and what I love to do — make videos, entertain, be creative and my other passion, playing football. I’ve really got some decisions to make and not a lot of time to make those decisions.”

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