Tyus Jones worth holding amid Ja Morant's return?

Dan Titus and Raphielle Johnson discuss the fantasy outlook for Tyus Jones on the heels of Ja Morant's return and break down why managers should not be so quick to drop him in fantasy leagues.

Video Transcript

RAPHIELLE JOHNSON: --from a conditioning standpoint. And they're in a position, standings wise, where they don't really have to rush him back. I think they're either-- I think they're second in the West still. There's a clear separation between, say, two and three and the rest of the West behind them. So I think they can take their time.

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If you have Tyus Jones, I would strongly suggest holding onto him. I would not drop him. Because even if he's in a bench role, I think he's still going to get 20, 25 minutes per game. He can give you good assist numbers with low turnovers in that spot.

So I think Tyus Jones, for me personally, he's safe. But I'm sure some people will probably rush to drop him, even though Memphis has three more games this week.

DAN TITUS: Yeah, I'm in agreement with you. I would not drop Tyus Jones. He's still going to continue to benefit here. Even in a bench role, as you said, the efficiency is still there. He'll give you the 3's, the assists, the steals that you want from a backup point guard.

So definitely in deep leagues, definitely not cutting him. Shallow leagues, I could see the argument if there's a better waiver option out there. But just remember that the Memphis Grizzlies have a really strong schedule for the rest of the playoffs-- one of the best out there. So don't discount that.


Santi Aldama went off for 22 points and 14 rebounds against Dallas. Are you picking him up and dropping Xavier Tillman as a result of that? Or what do you think?

RAPHIELLE JOHNSON: Huh. I think a case can be made for it. Tillman's been solid, but he hasn't been a breakout fantasy guy. If you want to gamble on the upside of Aldama, especially with three more games this week, I don't think that would be a bad idea at all.

I can see some people holding on to Tillman because they'll be starting until Steven Adams gets back, whenever that will be. But that upside that Aldama brings to the table, especially if he's going to get you 8 to 10 rebounds per game, I think it's hard to pass up right now.

DAN TITUS: Yeah, Tillman's minutes have been pretty sporadic here. Only had-- I mean, he played 26 minutes, but only had 3 points and 3 rebounds and a couple of assists and a steal and a block. But the game before that, he went off for 14, 10, and 5.

You got to figure, with Ja Morant back, whatever offensive contributions he was making, he's probably going to be relegated to primarily rebounding. He's definitely good at steals for a big man. But I'm not mad at you if you decide to move on if Santi Aldama continues to play a role in eating into his minutes here, especially playing as well as he did in that last game. I think that's certainly cause for concern and could earn some more minutes.