Tyson Fury sends 'love and respect' to Deontay Wilder two days after fight

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Tyson Fury has plenty of respect for Deontay Wilder. Two days after Fury defeated Wilder in the seventh round, Fury sent well wishes to Wilder on Instagram.

In a message, Fury said he has “love and respect” for Wilder. Fury added that he hopes Wilder has a speedy recovery.

Wilder, 34, did not attend the post-fight press conference due to injuries. Instead, he was taken to the hospital to be examined. Wilder suffered an ear injury during the fight.

Fury, 31, and Wilder have a unique relationship. Fury — who struggled with depression, alcohol abuse and suicidal thoughts — has credited Wilder with inspiring Fury to get himself back on the right track. When Fury was at his worst, he vowed to get back in shape so he could fight Wilder. Fury even sent Wilder a video of that moment.

The two have fought twice since that video. The first bout ended in a split draw. The second — which took place Saturday — ended in a decisive victory for Fury.

Wilder also showed respect for his opponent in a Monday interview with Yahoo Sports:

“I’m super happy for Tyson Fury and I really want to give him my complete congratulations,” Wilder said. “He’s had a lot of great accomplishments in his career and this is right there with all of them. I’m very excited about his career and what he has done. He deserves a lot of credit.”

Wilder also told Yahoo Sports he plans to exercise his rematch clause, so expect Wilder vs. Fury 3 to be made sometime in the near future.

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