Tyson Fury: Francis Ngannou fight is like ‘table-tennis champion’ playing Novak Djokovic at Wimbledon

Tyson Fury has likened Francis Ngannou’s chances in their fight to those of a “table-tennis champion” playing Novak Djokovic in the Wimbledon final.

WBC heavyweight champion Fury will box Ngannou, an ex-UFC title holder, in Saudi Arabia on Saturday night (28 October). While the Briton’s belt will not be on the line in Riyadh, the bout is a professional contest whose result is expected to count on each man’s boxing record – which is 0-0 in the case of mixed martial artist Ngannou.

At Friday’s weigh-in, Fury tipped the scales at 277.7lbs, while Ngannou came in at 272.1lbs. Both men were clothed, however.

After the weigh-in, 35-year-old Fury said of his Cameroonian opponent: “I think he’s a big, fat sausage, and I’ll knock him spark out. We don’t get paid for long, we get paid for short, and I’m gonna make it nice and short for him.

“[Ngannou offers] absolutely nothing. It’s like a tennis-table champion facing Djokovic in a Wimbledon final. Boxing isn’t about two men brawling; it’s a gentleman’s sport, it’s a sweet science, it’s whoever’s got the most ability to set up a knockout punch.”

Djokovic is a 24-time grand slam winner in tennis, making him the most successful men’s player in the history of the sport. Meanwhile, Margaret Court shares his record on the women’s side of the game.

After Fury fights Ngannou, 37, in Riyadh, he is contracted to fight unified boxing champion Oleksandr Usyk. However, Fury refused to discuss that bout with his fellow unbeaten boxer.

“We’re not talking about any other p***k in this world,” he said. “We’re talking about Francis Ngannou tomorrow night. I’m gonna knock a motherf***** out, then I’m gonna take a week off. I don’t wanna hear from any of you guys about boxing. Let me have time with my family, then I’ll come and take out the little guy.”

After the weigh-in host apologised to viewers for the Briton’s language, Fury said: “I need to apologise. If there’s anybody out there who don’t like my language, get the f*** out that door!”

Fury said earlier this week that he was “not happy” with the reveal of his fight with Usyk, which was announced in September.