Tyson Fury can't wait to fight Deontay Wilder again, predicts another KO

WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury tells Kevin Iole he is extremely motivated ahead of his trilogy match with Deontay Wilder after having the best training camp of his life.

Video Transcript

KEVIN IOLE: Hey folks. I am Kevin Iole. And joining me right now is one of the best ever, one of the best heavyweights of all time. The WBC and lineal heavyweight champion, Tyson Fury. And look at that, he is in shape, ready to roll.


KEVIN IOLE: October 9th against the "Big Dosser", as he calls him, Deontay Wilder. Now, let's start with this, what the hell is a dosser?

TYSON FURY: Look it up. Put it in Google and you'll find out what a dosser is. It comes up with Deontay Wilder.

KEVIN IOLE: OK, I'm not a dosser then, right?

TYSON FURY: Nope, you're not a dosser, just Wilder.

KEVIN IOLE: OK there we go. All right. This is the third fight, obviously, people wanted to see you fighting Anthony Joshua this time around. What is the motivation against a guy like this where you've beaten him probably, you know what, 15 out of 20 rounds that you fought and stopped him in the second fight. How do you get that motivation up when you've dominated a guy the way you have?

TYSON FURY: I'm motivated to fight any opponents because it's me job and get paid to be motivated. And I get paid to be here and do this. So, you know, I'm here. I'm enjoying myself. I've had one of the best training camps I've ever had. I'm injury free and firing on all cylinders. I've been taking extra measures to precautions. There's nothing more I can do, you know. Very, very focused. Very determined. Can not wait for the fight. It's Vegas, it's Gypsy King, what's not to like!

KEVIN IOLE: Well, you know, last time--

TYSON FURY: How much more motivation do we need?

KEVIN IOLE: You came [INAUDIBLE] on a throne last time. The time before that, I think you were Uncle Sam. What have you got up your sleeve for the entrance. You're known for your entrances now.

TYSON FURY: Yeah, I got something very special coming, so tune in. I can't give any information away, but the one thing I can say is it's going to be epic.

KEVIN IOLE: OK, we can't wait for it. I have this feeling that you're going to come out wearing what Deontay Wilder wore last time. That's what I think is going to happen. So we'll see how that rolls. Hey Tyson, you know the change from the first fight to the second fight was pretty stark. And I think what you did is exposed in that second fight that Deontay could not fight backing up. In the period of time that you've had, what 15, 16 months has it been, is there any way for him to adjust that? Can you learn how to change your style of fighting if it was that big of a flaw, as it was last February?

TYSON FURY: I think you come. I change my style from a slick boxer counter puncher to an aggressive puncher within six weeks of being with Sugar Hill. Never mind 16 months. You've probably gone to college and got a doctor's degree in sixteen months if you wanted to. Never mind, change your style, I'm backing up from a boxer. You know, it's, people say to me, oh you can't learn new tricks and all that. But I'm living proof you can learn new tricks. It took me six weeks to go from a slick counter punch boxer into an aggressive knockout puncher. Six weeks, that's all.

KEVIN IOLE: When you went into the ring that time then, you're a confident guy but everybody has doubts and everything. And you practice this. Were you 100% confident as you're standing there waiting for the first bell to ring. That plan will work or did you think, hey, I might have to adjust here?

TYSON FURY: You've always might be able to adjust in fights, you know. You never-- "Everyone's got a plan until they get punched in the mouth," says Mike Tyson and it's 100% true. You know, sometimes game plans don't work and you just gotta win however you can. You get stuck in, put your best foot forward, and swing away. Swing away. That's all you can do.

KEVIN IOLE: I don't know if you happened to catch the Muhammad Ali documentary that was on, just a couple of weeks ago. But it was fantastic. And one of the things that came out in that, I think, that we all knew, is Ali was such a master at making adjustments throughout his career. And do you figure that might, you know, you're known as a boxer and for your massive size. But do you think your ability to adjust in fights is really an underrated aspect of your success?

TYSON FURY: I've adjusted to every single person, 31 times. You know it's never been a problem whether they're big, short, fat, skinny, fast, whatever. I can always adjust. And the great fighters, not the good ones, just the great ones, they can always adjust to what's in front of them on the night. And I change the game plans mid fight.

KEVIN IOLE: Deontay Wilder, I think it's fair to say, is a great fighter. I mean he's not a slick boxer or anything, but with that kind of punching power he has-- I mean, I think he's dangerous at any point. Even in that fight against you the last time, where he's so beaten up, it just like that, that fight could change. So that always has to keep you on edge, does it not?

TYSON FURY: Yes 100%. You have to focus with Deontay Wilder all the time you're in the ring. As long as you focus on your job you can only do your best and that's it.

KEVIN IOLE: What was your take on his reaction afterwards? And I mean it's been a little bizarre, you know he thought he was poisoning the water. And there was a lot about the gloves in the first fight. That your gloves were somehow tampered with and all this. And I've gone over that a million times with people and say there's no way. But what do you make of the way Deontay has reacted, especially to the second fight?

TYSON FURY: I don't make much of it, to be honest. He's just gone down in my estimation as a man. Just disappointing to hear all that bullshit. However, a former champions marathon, you know I almost feel sorry for him.

KEVIN IOLE: Interesting. Did he hit you in that second fight at all? Where you could feel that like in the first fight when he dropped you twice. Could you feel anything in the second fight?

TYSON FURY: No, no. I didn't feel anything. He dropped me twice in the first fight because I'd only had like six, seven months of activity. I lost 147 pounds, and then fought him after three years out of the ring. So that was his only chance to beat me and he didn't do it then. So he hasn't got a chance now. I won't wait for him, last time didn't feel any of his punches whatsoever. And we'll see. See if he can change up his game plan and I hope he gives me a challenge. Because I trained for an absolute war for the second fight, and I didn't get it. It was just like a one sided beat down. So I'm hoping he can bring the much better fight this time and give me a challenge. I'm not the heavyweight champion of the world for nothing. I want a challenge.

KEVIN IOLE: Interestingly enough, and when you had the press conference he sat there-- the press conference a couple, was it six weeks ago or eight weeks ago in Los Angeles? And he sat there with headphones on and basically did not speak at all, let Malik Scott do the talking for him. But I wanted to ask you about-- what to me was the most interesting thing about that, was the stare down. Like, what the hell is going in your mind as you're just-- I mean it was like six minutes. I've never seen anything like, I've seen crazy stare downs. At some point you've got to get bored, shove them or do something. What was going through your mind, Tyson?

TYSON FURY: Well, not a lot really. Just standing there, looking up, "D" in front of me with his earphones on and his nose rings in. I'm thinking, I'm going to tear you to pieces. And you know, I was just letting him see the man mountain that was in front of him. And in the end he didn't like what he saw and he walked away. Waiting for a chink in his armor and he showed it me again.

KEVIN IOLE: I have seen people online now-- I haven't had a chance to see you because you're taking precautions with COVID. So I haven't had a chance to see you in person, but I have seen people online. Who I guess have seen you, because they are saying that you're too thin now and that you're not as big as you were the last time. What do you anticipate coming in this fight?

TYSON FURY: I'd say nobody's seen me. Because I've not been anywhere. I've not had anybody in the house that's not a part of my team. I don't do live interviews because of COVID. I've not been out the door. So nobody seen me. They may have seen a photograph or something like that, but you know, not worried too much.

KEVIN IOLE: What do you think you're going to weigh in that one? You were big last time, a lot was made of that. I think you were, what, 270 if I'm not mistaken.

TYSON FURY: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

KEVIN IOLE: Do you think you'll come back around that size, or will you--

TYSON FURY: Yeah, that's my walking around weight. That's all weight.

KEVIN IOLE: Very good. You know last time you were responsible for the evolution of one of your sparring partners into a pretty good heavyweight prospect. Jared "Big Baby" Anderson. Has he been with you again, and do you see a different-- you know he's a kid that I think has a chance to be a really good fighter. I'm curious what you think, is he giving you some work this time around?

TYSON FURY: Yes. I often mean, for all of these big fights, he's my little secret weapon. He's not so little. He's muscle. But he's a very, very good boxer. Very good fighter. He's got, he's a full package. And if he wasn't, I'll tell you. I'd find him out. But he's got everything that you need to be heavyweight champion. He's got ability He's got talent.

He's got determination and balls like King Kong. Because if you haven't, you can't spar with me, it doesn't work. Because you get [MUTED] up. And he gives me good work every single time. Really, really happy with him. And I'm sure he'll be the world champion after I'm gone, for sure.

KEVIN IOLE: Speaking of world champs, I want to get your take on Oleksandr Usyk's performance. You know, he defeats Anthony Joshua the other day. Now I wrote this before the fight, Tyson. I said, if I had not seen Oleksandr Usyk fight Chazz Witherspoon, I would have bet Usyk 100 times out of 100. But I did see him fight Witherspoon, and in my opinion didn't look good. I assume you saw the fight on Saturday. What was your take on Usyk's performance and were you surprised at how he was able to do?

TYSON FURY: No, wasn't surprised. There's an interview on talkSPORT, and I actually broke the fight down to exactly how it went. Quite a crazy, actually. Just hold on one second while I read this to you.

KEVIN IOLE: OK, I want to see it.

TYSON FURY: It's like I'm Nostradamus.

KEVIN IOLE: Nostradamus.

TYSON FURY: It says. I think he's got more on his plate than thinking about what I'm going to do in my fight. Because he's on about, he thinks, whether he will beat me whatever. I said, he's got to win his own fight first. And I'm not convinced he's going to do it. So here's what I said. I said, I expected you to come out to try and box a bit more. Because he's got this new way he boxes now using his jab.

He knows he doesn't have the stamina to take the fight to somebody under sustained pressure, and keep that up because he gushes, after about three or four rounds, and then it needs to take three or four rounds off. So he wouldn't be able to do that against Usyk, because Usyk will be on him all the time making him fight.

So I expect it to be an awkward, to be awkward. Maybe a bit of a chess match for a few rounds. And I expected AJ to run out of ideas. If he doesn't land on him early and get him out of there with the big punches, then I seen it being a tough night for AJ and maybe even a late stoppage.

I can make a lot of reasons why AJ would lose his fight to Usyk. One, because he's a big southpaw and he's awkward as slick boxer. I think he punches harder than people give him credit for, but it's not a larger punch. You got to keep hitting the target, and sooner or later the big bodybuilder will fall apart at the seams like an old cheap cushion falling to bits. He run out of ideas quickly, he's a one trick pony.

KEVIN IOLE: How about that, that is Tyson Fury before Oleksandr Usyk defeated Anthony Joshua. I'm going to put you on the spot once again, Tyson. We got about 3 minutes left here to break down the fight with Deontay Wilder. You predicted a knockout last time. Everything you said came true. Tell us how this fight with Deontay Wilder on October 9th is going to end.

TYSON FURY: I'm predicting another knockout, you know. We're going to go out there, we're going to start trading punches from round one. And I'm going to land on him, I'm not going to stop punching him until he's on the floor. And that's how it's going to go.

KEVIN IOLE: Maybe a simple one. October 9th on Pay Per View. You can see this man, Tyson Fury, the WBC heavyweight champion of the world against Deontay Wilder. Tyson, all the best to ya. Always good to see you, my friend. Thank you so much for the time.

TYSON FURY: Thank you, all the best.