Tyson Chandler on why he looked up to Celtics Hall of Famer Kevin Garnett

In a recent appearance on the Showtime Basketball “All The Smoke” podcast, former NBAer Tyson Chandler voiced his admiration for Hall of Fame Boston Celtics big man Kevin Garnett.

Chandler, who looked up to Garnett even before joining the NBA, spoke highly of Garnett’s intense passion for the game and his tireless dedication to playing it with integrity.

Chandler emphasized that what he respected most about Garnett was his approach to the game. He admired The Big Ticket’s intensity and commitment to never cutting corners, even when facing setbacks.

“I just respected the way he approached the game,” said Chandler via The Basketball Network’s Yakshpat Bhargava, “his intensity.”

“I just loved the way he played the game, like that’s what I try to pattern after; he never cut the game short,” he added. “No matter what he came short of, he never cut the game short. … When I got to the league, he still didn’t disappoint. That’s what I respect to this day.”

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Story originally appeared on Celtics Wire