Tyson Campbell says Jaguars must focus on ‘not beating’ themselves

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A brutal Week 1 loss has given way to introspection across the Jacksonville Jaguars roster as players seek to correct any mistakes they made to come out on top against the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday. After blowing a late lead that sealed their fate against the Washington Commanders, second-year cornerback Tyson Campbell told the media on Monday that the team is regrouping to figure out how to keep the embarrassing result from happening again.

“[We] just [go] back to what we always preach, like make sure we’re not beating ourselves,” Campbell said of the roster’s response to the disappointing loss. “Whether it’s penalties or missed assignments or whatever it may be, we just got to make sure we’re clean on that part of the end. We feel like we can compete with anybody, so, we can play a clean game and don’t beat ourselves and force teams to have to make good plays to beat us and we’ll be fine.”

It wasn’t a total failure for the Jaguars, though, as Campbell would also comment on what went right for the team, while still maintaining that self-inflicted errors were the primary cause for the fourth-quarter collapse.

“We made some plays out there,” he explained. “Definitely some plays we left on the field, and some plays that we hurt ourselves, mostly, and we’ll watch over it, learn from it, and onto the next.”

Slated to take on the Colts for a share of the lead in the AFC South on Sunday, Jacksonville is set to focus on fundamentals in practice this week as they seek to remedy some of the miscues that cost them in Week 1. Penalties, in particular, will be a point of emphasis for the team in the lead-up to their second chance at victory, and if they can clean up their sloppy play, a win won’t be out of the question.

Story originally appeared on Jaguars Wire