Tyron Smith has $12 million tied to playing time

Last week, we reported that Tyron Smith's new contract with the Jets pays out $6.5 million, with another $13.5 million in upside. The bulk of the upside is tied to playing time.

Albert Breer of has the details. Smith can earn another $12 million in 2024 through a two-tiered playing-time incentive.

The first pays $750,000 for 38 percent of the snaps, $1.75 million for 44 percent, $2.75 million for 50 percent, $3.75 million for 56 percent, $4.75 million for 62 percent, or $5.75 million for 68 percent.

The second incentive kicks in after the first $5.75 million is earned. At 74 percent, he gets another $1.25 million. At 80 percent, that number doubles to $2.5 million. At 86 percent, it's $3.75 million. At 92 percent, it moves to $5 million. At 98 percent, maxes out at $6.25 million.

So if Smith takes at least 98 percent of the offensive snaps in 2024, he'll make $18.5 million in all.

He gets $250,000 per postseason win and $500,000 for making the Pro Bowl. That can push his earnings to $20 million.

Still, the Jets get him for only $6.5 million. If he doesn't play at least 38 percent of the snaps, he won't get any of the $12 million available in playing-time incentives.

It's a great deal for the Jets. And it helps explain why the Jets were surprised when he took the offer.