Tyreke Evans tries trolling with late-game steal in 2OT loss to Heat, but it goes awry (VIDEO)

Ball Don't Lie

On one hand, you can understand this a little bit. The clock's ticking down on an incredibly hard-fought game — the kind of game the Sacramento Kings basically never win and the Miami Heat basically always win — and Tyreke Evans hast just spent the last 42-plus minutes trying his damnedest to hold his own against the likes of LeBron James and Dwayne Wade. And he's actually done a pretty OK job of it, kicking in 26 points on 11 for 18 shooting, four rebounds, four assists and four steals, and helping his significantly overmatched squad go toe-to-toe with the defending champs not only for the full 48 minutes, but for two extra sessions, too. (Well, one extra session, really; a 13-3 run in the second overtime sparked by seven straight in 71 seconds from James sort of shut it down.)

Losing a game like that, especially when you play well, stings ... plus, coaches always talk about playing through the whistle, right? So why not go swipe one off Wade and try to grab an extra bucket in the closing seconds? People seemed to like it when Caron Butler did the same thing to Jonas Valanciunas a few weeks back, right?

Except ...

Except that there was a funny fake-high-five element to Caron-on-Jonas; you just stole the ball without much panache. Also, it was a veteran pulling one over on a rookie, not a middling wing player tugging on a superstar's cape. Also — and this is the key — while he got fouled and it didn't count, Caron made the layup he was attempting. He didn't miss, then wind up watching the guy he just party-fouled stand on the ball and glare at him disapprovingly as the clock ran out. Those are just a few, very important differences between your respective situations.

Then again, this morning I'm thinking a little more about this than the fact that James and Wade combined for 79 points on 33 for 51 shooting (64.7 percent, if you're scoring at home), 23 assists, 16 rebounds, five steals and three blocks in a 141-129 win, Miami's 12th straight, pushing their East-leading record to 41-14. So at least there's that!

Video via rwarzor. Hat-tip to TBJ's Trey Kerby.

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