Tyreek Hill says he fired "f—king bonehead" who filed divorce documents

Dolphins receiver Tyreek Hill apparently is looking for a new divorce lawyer, since he claims he wasn't looking for a divorce.

Via, Hill said during a Twitch stream on Thursday night that he never gave his people the green light to file a petition for divorce earlier this week.

"I just gotta say that it sucks that . . . yeah, a lot of our stuff is public record," Hill said. "But behind closed doors, a lot of people got fired, too, for just doing things without a ‘yes.’ . . .

"It sucks that me and my wife gotta go through that. Like yeah, public records says it and right now we're in a spot of fixing it -- I fired the fucking bonehead that did that mistake. Now it sucks."

Implicit within Hill's comments is a concession that, yes, a petition for divorce was filed (despite his prior denial). Also, it sounds as if he gave the green light to the preparation of the paperwork, but not to the filing of it. Lawyers don't just spontaneously prepare paperwork they haven't been told to prepare. They do the work that their clients tell them to do, if they hope to get, you know, paid.

It's possible Hill did indeed give the green light for the drafting and the filing of the petition, and that he didn't realize his wife would find out about it before he wanted her to find out about it. If so, he needed an excuse. Saying the lawyers did it without approval was possibly the best thing he could come up with.

Finally, and most importantly, the petition hasn't been dismissed. If it was filed without authorization and if Hill never meant for it to be filed, the first command to the lawyers should have been to fix it by dismissing it. The same database that shows the filing of the petition does not show that it has been dismissed.

And, again, this is newsworthy because: (1) Hill is a high-profile player; and (2) he previously injected his new marriage into his public narrative. Throw in the fact that he has spoken out about the situation with an eyebrow-raising explanation, yes, it's news.