Tyreek Hill felt ‘disrespected’ when Chiefs gave his No. 10 jersey to Isiah Pacheco

The Kansas City Chiefs’ back-to-back Super Bowl victories have placed them in elite company in NFL history. The players involved in the triumph, along with those who battled Kansas City throughout the period, have had plenty to say this offseason.

Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill began his career in Kansas City and played against his former teammates during those two seasons. He appeared on the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast to share his thoughts on the last two years and Isiah Pacheco’s taking jersey number ten after his departure.

“Yeah, man, Kansas City [has] got a [really] good running back today. You can hear and see every step he takes, [they are] so hard,” Hill said of Pacheco. “I did feel disrespected when they gave him ten, tho I didn’t like that. There should be only one ten in your heart, man.”

Hill had many great seasons in Kansas City, with the No. 10 jersey becoming a popular item at games at Arrowhead Stadium. He spoke about not wanting to watch Kansas City’s Super Bowl LVII victory over the Philadelphia Eagles.

“The first year that they went [to the Super Bowl], my wife and I took a trip to Tokyo because it was kind of hard for me,” Hill explained. “I don’t want to look at no game. Oh, well. Let’s just go to Tokyo. Let’s get away from it. Right, and let’s do our thing. So we went to Tokyo for the first year. And when they won, I reached out to all the guys.

“I’m like, ‘Man, I’m happy for y’all. I’m proud of all of you.’ But the second year, this year, when they won, like I watched the whole game, I’m like, ‘Y’all, we gotta win this thing, you feel me?’ I’m cool. Nah, but the first year it was kind of hard, I’m saying, trying to get over that hump of seeing the guys, do they thing out there.”

Hill’s departure before the 2022 season appeared sudden when the trade was announced with the Miami Dolphins. He reiterated in the interview that he desired to remain with the Chiefs during contract negotiations.

“I wanted to be in KC 100 percent. Yeah, 100 percent,” said Hill. “Before we even knew about the Dolphins. Yeah, I wanted to be in Kansas City, I told them that.”

The Chiefs defeated Hill’s Dolphins twice last season en route to the Super Bowl LVIII title. He ranks as one of the best wide receivers in franchise history.

Story originally appeared on Chiefs Wire