Tyquan Thornton hopes playing at a heavier weight leads to better health

Patriots wide receiver Tyquan Thornton is hoping that changing his body will lead to more time on the field in 2024.

Thornton played 22 games over his first two seasons due to a pair of preseason injuries he suffered while going to the ground. On Thursday, he told reporters that he's been working on bulking up in order to avoid the same fate a third time.

“I’m putting in work. I feel like I’ve put on a lot of muscle in a lot of areas that need it. I’m just continuing to get bigger,” Thornton said, via Mark Daniels of “It’s just so I can take more impacts. I feel like all my injuries came from the ground ‚ me hitting the ground. So, it’s so I can be able to bounce back up when I do hit the ground.”

Thornton has 35 catches for 338 yards and two touchdowns to this point in his career and anything he can do to make sure he's more productive on the field will be welcomed by a Patriots offense that is looking for reliable production across the board.