Tyler Nubin promises no more yachts after learning Giants’ ugly history

The New York Giants came into the 2024 NFL draft seeking a new leader for their secondary and believe they may have found it in Minnesota’s Tyler Nubin, who they selected in the second round.

General manager Joe Schoen called Nubin “a guy with high character, leadership, smart, tough, dependable, and then the 13 career interceptions.”

“Just a good football player,” Schoen added after selecting Nubin 47th overall. “Culture changer at the University of Minnesota and he’s going to bring that type of mentality here, and I think that will come out tomorrow when you guys meet with him and spend some time with him. Just a really special kid that’s a good football player.”

Nubin is prepared to take over as a leader in the Giants’ secondary, a unit that needs one after losing Xavier McKinney in free agency this past offseason.

He wanted to make it clear he was ready for the role by clarifying a few things that arose during the draft, such as a photo of him posing on a yacht with some colleagues, which appeared to be modeled after the Giants’ receivers’ infamous ’bout trip’ photo in 2017.

After learning of the team’s history, Nubin wanted Giants fans to know this isn’t who he really is and understand the superstitious concern. He won’t be making the same mistake twice.

Nubin is also aware of the controversy caused by his predecessor, McKinney, who was shelved for half a season with a hand injury sustained in an off-field ATV accident.

All good, for now.

Story originally appeared on Giants Wire