Tyler Hansbrough is the face of hustle

In the parlance of the Internet, we've all been had knowledge of Tyler Hansbrough's(notes) crazy face game; dude's been showing off a wide variety of mugs, mean and otherwise, since his days in Carolina blue. Still, it's great to see that his face's work ethic hasn't fallen off since becoming a professional. You need look no further than the way he defended Stephen Curry(notes) during Wednesday night's game between the Golden State Warriors and Indiana Pacers for proof of that.

Tyler Hansbrough's face is the first face at the gym and the last face to leave. His face believes "I can" is 100 times more important than "IQ," and that every accomplishment in life starts with the decision to try your hardest.

When your face isn't practicing, Tyler Hansbrough's face is practicing, and when your face meets his face, his face will win, even if your face, like Stephen Curry's, is also pretty hustle-focused.

Hey, want to see Tyler Hansbrough dunk on teammate Mike Dunleavy? Of course you do:

Poor Li'l Dun. He'll have to grow, like, two sweet mustaches to soothe the sting of getting housed by a fellow Pacer when trying to follow his own shot.

And because you don't often get the opportunity to see teammates posterizing one another ...

Seriously. So much hustle!

Video courtesy of our good friends at Get Banged On.

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