Tyler, The Creator And Converse Reveal New Silhouette: The GLF 2.0 Sneaker

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Tyler, the Creator and Converse have extended their five-year partnership with the release of a new silhouette. Named the GLF 2.0., the GOLF le FLEUR collaborative design was engineered to reflect what the rapper and the brand have already accomplished together with an innovative, contemporary take on where the partnership is going. The business relationship began in 2017 with the original GLF silhouette and now in 2022, the classic shoe is being redefined.

A press release received by VIBE describes the GLF 2.0 as “simplified and stripped back,” compared to its predecessor, with packaging inspiration from the original all-suede GLF design with past Converse icons and early 2000s Japanese streetwear. It continues to outline that the new silhouette blends an old-school, folk aesthetic with innovative and contemporary construction.

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Another key difference is the GLF 2.0 trades the signature floral motif on the original design for bold color blocking. The sneakers are set to be released in the color combinations of Oil Green and Bison, as well as Curry and Copper Tan. Vintage references include a remixed Converse logo license plate.

The Converse x GLF 2.0 will be available in a limited global release at Converse.com and GOLF le FLEUR* on June 9 for $110. View images of the sneakers below.

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