Tyler Boyd doesn’t mind working, while working on extension

Darin Gantt
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It’s not uncommon for players actively working on contract extensions to stay away from OTA workouts, to minimize the risk to future earnings.

But for Bengals wide receiver Tyler Boyd, he’s opting to continue, with his fingers crossed.

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I’m just trying to do what’s right,” Boyd told Paul Dehner Jr. of TheAthletic.com. “I’m going to be a team player and go out there and work my tail off. I’m not going to try to skip out on reps or miss a day. That’s the best approach to it. Typically, a guy trying to come out to a season saying, ‘you have to pay me,’ it shows where the care is going. He is a ‘me’ guy. Or, you are still working and going to be a team guy. I am not trying to strategize and make it seem like I’m just trying to do what’s right [to get a deal done], that’s just the way I am.”

The Bengals would like to extend Boyd as well as A.J. Green, preferably before the season starts. Boyd emerged last season, with 1,072 yards in just 14 games, and he sounds amenable.

“That’s what I’m saying, bruh, I want to be here,” Boyd said. “I think they feel that and know that. In my feeling, I think it is going to be done before camp. But ain’t no telling. I’m just going to continue to keep being patient and trust the process.”

That trust might be misplaced, as an injury during OTAs could wipe out his market before a contract year.

“We ain’t doing nothing crazy,” Boyd said. “I don’t have to go out there and show how good I am, even though I want to put it on tape that I’m a great player and put good things on film. At the same time, I know how to practice like a pro. I get out of breaks clean. You go out and play lazy, that’s when you get hurt. I just want to go out there and work.”

And hope.

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