Tyler Boyd: Bills used snow as an excuse when we beat them in the playoffs

The Bengals beat the Bills on a snowy day in Buffalo in the divisional round of last season's playoffs, and Bengals wide receiver Tyler Boys says some Bills players used the snow as an excuse for why the Bengals won.

“Going back to the playoff game, when we won in the snow, a couple of their players were saying if it wasn’t snowing they would’ve beat us. We're here now, so we're going to see what the outcome is," Boyd said.

Boyd said he doesn't consider the Bills' comments to be motivation, for Sunday night's game against the Bengals, but he will remember what was said. Boyd also acknowledged that he has his own what-ifs, including his belief that the Bengals would have beaten the Chiefs a week later in the AFC Championship Game if Boyd hadn't been knocked out of the game with a thigh bruise in the second quarter.

"When you lose it's always an excuse. Just like I said if I'd played in the Chiefs game we would've won. But at the end of the day you've got to prove it. You've got to go out there and do it. So we're here to get this win," Boyd said.

The Bengals are two-point home favorites when the teams renew their rivalry on Sunday night.