Tying a career-high for threes in a game, Davis Bertans has yet to find a three too deep for him

Mike DePrisco
NBC Sports Washington

Nearly every time Davis Bertans plays, he serves as a reminder for how savvy the Wizards have been under Tommy Sheppard. 

Acquired from the Spurs for basically nothing, Bertans continues to provide a spark off the bench for Washington with an underrated playmaking prowess and, of course, his marksmanship from the outside. 

Bertans finished with 20 points on 7-of-13 shooting, going 6-11 from three Friday night against the Hornets. That matched his career-high for threes made in a game, which would surprise just about anyone judging by the way this man shoots the ball. 

For shooters as good as Bertans, you start to wonder where their range stops. How far is too far?

"I haven't found that yet," Bertans said after the game. 

The totality of his offensive skills was on display Friday night. Bertans helped keep his team close early by drilling five first-half threes, and then he helped space the floor and made key plays off the bounce as a member of Scott Brooks' closing lineup. 

The Wizards have prioritized playing to their strengths on offense, and for Bertans, getting more opportunities as a ball-handler should make for more space to shoot from the outside. For now, he'll take the open lanes developing off of his reputation as a sniper. 

"The defense is really worried about me shooting," he said. "So it's really easy to beat them with the first dribble and if somebody helps I can see the court and see open guys, and I'm willing to pass and get some open looks for them."

With Bertans, Moe Wagner, Thomas Bryant and Rui Hachimura, the Wizards have more firepower and promise in their frontcourt than ever. Obviously, there are only so many minutes to go around, but this is a year where the front office needs to find players they think they can build a formidable core with. 

Now that Beal is locked up for at least the next two seasons, Brooks can give certain players a hard look next to him without worrying about a trade demand coming down the line. In terms of building a winning culture, that kind of flexibility is invaluable. 


Tying a career-high for threes in a game, Davis Bertans has yet to find a three too deep for him originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

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