Ty Law shares hilarious story of Tedy Bruschi helping him skip huddles

The New England Patriots’ defensive units in the 2000s were some of the best in the organization’s history.

Several players made that defense unstoppable, including the likes of Hall of Fame cornerback Ty Law and linebacker Tedy Bruschi. Law told a funny anecdote about Bruschi in an episode of Julian Edelman’s “Games with Names” podcast.

Law was a tremendous corner for the Patriots throughout the course of his career, tallying 36 interceptions in 10 seasons with the team. Bruschi was a stout linebacker in his own right, as he was able to record 1,074 tackles over a 13-year career.

Perhaps more than their statistical accolades, the ability of Bruschi and Law to play off each other was impressive. Law told the story of how Bruschi made his life a bit easier in terms of coverage. The linebacker would often call Cover 2 plays to benefit Law, who was winded from lockdown coverage.

“I wouldn’t be where I am today as a Hall of Famer without that damn Tedy Bruschi,” said Law. “Know why? I didn’t know what in the hell was going on. I’m like, ‘Who I got? Give me him.’ Bruschi would be like, ‘Hey Ty, you got him’ or ‘We’re doing this.’ Because I would never come into the huddle. If you watch the old films, you would never see me go in the huddle when everybody run back to it. Dammit, I’m too tired. I just ran nine routes because people would always just run you off.”

The synchronicity of the two is certainly impressive, and it evidently worked on the field. Those Law and Bruschi-led defenses are a big reason why the Patriots won their first three Super Bowls.

Story originally appeared on Patriots Wire