Two Yahoo experts debate whether kickers should stay a part of fantasy football

How do you go about choosing a kicker in your fantasy football drafts? Have you ever had your heartbroken in a fantasy match by a last-second kick (or a missed one)?

Are kickers even necessary in fantasy football?

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We’ve written on this subject before, but Andy Behrens and Brad Evans rekindled their passionate debate for fantasy draft season.

Brad is completely on the side of getting rid of kickers. He calls them “soulless, heartless killing machines.” He recalls how time and time again, he has lost key matchups due to a kicker. And losing because a kicker misses a chip-shot sucks the fun right out of fantasy.

Andy’s counter-argument is simple: Kickers are a part of the real-life game. They have always been a part of the NFL — it is called FOOTball, after all! And what matters in reality should matter in fantasy as well.

We asked the fantasy community which side they were on:

What are your thoughts on the subject? Should kickers be eliminated from the fantasy game? Let us know!

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