Two West Side High School products flying under the radar

Richard Schnyderite, Staff Writer
NJ Varsity

West Side High School out of Newark, New Jersey isn’t one of the top schools that college coaches stop by when visiting the Garden State in search of talent. Well that might change as they have a couple of talented prospects rising through the ranks and slipping under the radar right now.

Those prospects are 2018 DB Nasir Neal and 2019 WR/DB Darius Gooden. Both of them recently joined the West Side program to help turn around the program.


What made you transfer to West Side High School?

NN: I just transferred into West Side from East Orange Campus High School. I transferred here because of Coach Bell. He previously coached at East Orange. I really like his play calling, his connects, and he just cares about winning.

DG: My first year I went to Newark Tech, then I transferred Immaculata, and after that year I came to West Side. Coach Bell coached my brothers, so I was familiar with him and what he can do. He got my brothers scholarships. CoachBell and I grew up in the same system. He’s like a family person and he understands, and takes his time with you.

What positions do you currently play in high school?

NN: I play running back and safety. Last year I didn’t catch any picks, but I also didn’t give up many passes either. This will be my first year at running back.

DG: My primary is wide receiver, only because that’s what I’ve been playing. Now since I’m taller and they want me to try out at corner and safety.

What schools are you hearing from currently?

NN: A couple of schools have been coming to see sometimes. Mostly Temple and Syracuse coaches, but I’m not sure which coaches.

DG: I’m not really hearing from any schools right, but the one school I’m familiar with is Rutgers right now. They wanted me to see me play a full season first and all that.

After watching both of these guys at a recent 7on7 camp, it appears they are both very talented prospects. I wouldn’t be shocked if you saw some schools start to take a closer look at both of these guys very shortly. Stay tuned for more about some of New Jersey’s hidden talent and other prospects right here on!

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