Two UofL assistants in limbo

Howie Lindsey, Publisher
Cardinal Sports

A pair of Louisville basketball assistants, Jordan Fair and Kenny Johnson, are currently in limbo - employed, but not working - at UofL.


Bruce Young/Tar Heel Illustrated

Acting Athletic Director Vince Tyra confirmed that the two coaches are "not active" with the program.

"They're still with us; they're still employed," Tyra said. "That's something I'm working on literally as we speak and will be on the phone as soon as I leave here."

The FBI indictments mention three Louisville coaches, but their names are withheld. While Coach 2 is believed to be Rick Pitino, according to reports on CBS news and ABC, the other two coaches' identities are only known to people familiar with the case. That said, it doesn't take a math major to figure out the likely answer to this equation.

Fair and Johnson have not been in practices. Fair has not been around the program at all, but UofL confirmed Johnson came by the office "the other day."

New coach David Padgett has not been able to hire assistant coaches yet. He said he would like to move on hiring assistant coaches, but some decision are not in his hands.

Tyra said that will be his project the next couple of days.

"David is, at this point, a one-man band," Tyra said. "He's out there trying to do what he can. ... but that's not a good recipe, so I've got to solve that."

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