Two-time World Series champ Johnny Damon slips up in Savannah Bananas baseball debut

Johnny Damon has won two World Series titles and was a revered outfielder for nearly two decades in Major League Baseball.

He last played in the big leagues in 2012 and has since been spending time with his family and doing promotional events as a former great for both the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox.

Another iconic team that Damon is adding to his resume is the Savannah Bananas. The 49-year-old suited up for the amateur baseball team and made his debut Wednesday night during an exhibition game in Daytona Beach, Florida.

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He sauntered to the plate, grinning widely with his signature long hair, and got into his batting stance. The pitcher threw the ball and he whiffed right past it. The momentum from his powerful swing nearly spun him around.

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The Bananas are known for their antics, so Damon fit right in.

Damon connected on the next pitch for a dribbler toward third base. He was thrown out at first, but he got to keep the ball. He shook the opposing players' hands before walking off, holding his helmet up in a tip of the cap to America's most fun pastime.

This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Johnny Damon, ex-MLB player, whiffs in Savannah Bananas baseball debut