Two stabbed at Eagles victory parade

Darin Gantt
ProFootball Talk on NBC Sports

If you believed every urban myth concerning the reputation of Eagles fans, you might be surprised the city is still standing today.

And while things were largely peaceful, there were a few isolated incidents during yesterday’s victory parade.

According to the Associated Press, two people were stabbed, a police officer was assaulted (but no horses) and four police vehicles sustained minor damage.

Considering an estimated 700,000 crowded the streets between the Eagles facility and the art museum steps, that’s probably as well as could be expected (unless you’re the two people who got stabbed, who both survived).

Philadelphia Police Department commissioner Richard Ross on Friday said there were some “small hiccups,” including two arrests for assaults. A large video screen was toppled when fans climbed on it.

But the city isn’t currently on fire, and hasn’t turned into a scene from Mad Max or anything. So that’s two wins for Philadelphia this week.

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