Two Sixers fans make awesome 'Here Come the Sixers' mashup on violin and piano

Shamus Clancy
·1 min read

Sixers fans create amazing 'Here Come the Sixers' mashup originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia

Sixers fans everywhere were feeling themselves after a big comeback win against the Raptors last night. No two fans, however, made that celebration as joyous as Twitter users @ericaisabelles and @SixersSadie, who created this amazing violin and piano mashup of the iconic "Here Come the Sixers" song.

Check it out:

The creativity here is off the charts. I'm no musician, but I can tell this took a ton of hard work and talent.

The Sixers may need to replace the version they play in the arena after wins with this. I know I'll be jamming to it after wins this season.

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