Two-Quarterback system 101

Larry Williams & Paul Strelow, Staff
Tiger Illustrated

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What are the pros and cons of a two-QB system, should it come to that for Clemson this fall?

This question presupposes there are pros to a two-quarterback system.

I’m not saying a two-quarterback arrangement can’t work, because there are examples elsewhere when it did.

But that doesn’t mean it was advantageous.

I’m in the camp that using multiple quarterbacks should be avoided at most costs.

Coaches can twist the psychology or use all the clichéd truisms they want in justifying the two-quarterback system when they feel compelled to try it. If two guys have earned the right to play, we’ll play two guys – you know, that sort of stuff.

Yet it almost always boils down to this: When you use multiple quarterbacks, you don’t really have one you feel confident or comfort in.

The scenarios by which a multiple-quarterback approach could manifest seem pretty clear.


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