The Two-Minute Drill | Statistical Milestones in 2022

In this week's edition of the Two-Minute Drill, Yahoo Sports’ Andy Behrens talks about a few players chasing statistical milestones this season.

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ANDY BEHRENS: I'm Andy Behrens. This is the Two-Minute Drill. Start the clock.


Milestones, that's what we're talking about today. In fantasy, late in a season, we love a player chasing a statistical milestone. Any time a guy is just out there trying to get buckets, we love to see it. It's good for them. It's good for us. It is a classic fantasy-reality win-win.


ANDY BEHRENS: Let's run down a partial list of NFL milestones that have a chance to fall in the final four games of the 2022 season. If you have any of these dudes on a roster, that's a very good thing.

- [INAUDIBLE] High five.

ANDY BEHRENS: For starters, the single-season record for rushing yards by a quarterback, held by Lamar Jackson, Justin Fields is right on it. He's eighth in the league in rushing right now, actually, with 905 yards. He's averaging just over 75 yards per week. I don't know if he or the Bears actually care about this record in any way, but I am here for it. I need it.

PAUL MCCARTNEY: (SINGING) Strawberry fields forever.

ANDY BEHRENS: Another milestone that can be had, Christian McCaffrey's record for receptions by a running back is 116. And my coworker Austin Ekeler-- OK, actually, he's more Matt Harmon's co-worker. Anyway, he's sitting at 93 catches through 13 games. If he cares about this at all, it's his. Book it. I believe, by the way, unofficially, he already has the reception record by a fantasy analyst.

- Blue, you're my boy!

ANDY BEHRENS: We got two Chiefs eyeing milestones. Patrick Mahomes is essentially right on pace to get Peyton Manning's single-season yardage record. And along the way, perhaps he can help Travis Kelce take down the tight end touchdown record. He's real close. Kelce currently leads the league with a dozen TDs. And Kansas City's rest-of-season schedule is basically a layup line.

- That Hansel's so hot right now.

ANDY BEHRENS: Final milestone-- arguably the coolest-- Justin Jefferson erupted in week 14, and it leaves him at 1,500 receiving yards with four games remaining. He has a puncher's chance at 2,000 receiving yards for the year. That's just a stupid total. And if he doesn't get there, Tyreek Hill isn't all that far behind.

- I love lamp. I love lamp.

ANDY BEHRENS: Let's get these records, fellas. It's a legacy achievement for you. It's fantasy points for the rest of us.


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