Two Georgia top prospects return after innovative surgeries

Georgia Bulldogs fans got a welcome sight on Saturday night. Two key offensive players, both of them potential top-25 overall picks in the 2024 NFL draft, returned to action after missing time with injuries.

Offensive tackle Amarius Mims and tight end Brock Bowers each returned from absences in the Bulldogs’ rollicking win over Ole Miss. Both came back after undergoing the same medical procedure, a relatively new innovation in fixing the injury commonly known as a high ankle sprain.

Bowers and Mims both had what is known as “tightrope” surgery. It’s a proprietary branding of a new approach to fixing a high ankle sprain, which occurs when the two lower leg bones are pulled apart above the ankle. The surgery involves threading a flexible rope through the bones to stabilize the injury instead of using immobile metal screws. It accelerates recovery and doesn’t impact long-term athletic performance as much as a more traditional surgery.

It’s a relatively new procedure. Perhaps the most prominent athlete who has successfully had the tightrope procedure is Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa when he was still at Alabama.

Bowers and Mims both played extensively in Georgia’s 52-17 win, with Bowers scoring a touchdown. It’s an encouraging development for both the Bulldogs’ national title aspirations and the draft potential for the duo.

Story originally appeared on Draft Wire