Two former MLB players reportedly arrested in connection to major Dominican Republic drug ring

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Former big leaguers Octavio Dotel (left) and <a class="link rapid-noclick-resp" href="/mlb/players/10514/" data-ylk="slk:Luis Castillo">Luis Castillo</a> were arrested Tuesday in the Dominican Republic and linked to a drug trafficking ring. (AP)
Former big leaguers Octavio Dotel (left) and Luis Castillo were arrested Tuesday in the Dominican Republic and linked to a drug trafficking ring. (AP)

Ex-MLB players Octavio Dotel and Luis Castillo have reportedly been arrested in the Dominican Republic as part of a major drug trafficking investigation, the country’s attorney general announced Tuesday.

The Dominican newspaper Diario Libre reports that Dotel and Castillo were among more than a dozen arrested as hundreds of Dominican authorities conducted a raid on properties owned by César Emilio Peralta (known as César the Abuser), who was not captured by authorities.

Attorney General Jean Alain Rodríguez then said in a press conference that Peralta led a drug trafficking and money laundering ring that fed drugs from the Dominican Republic to the U.S. — and used baseball players to help him.

From Diaro Libre:

According to Rodriguez, he used a structure that served to launder money through former major league [players], including Octavio Dotel and Luis Castillo, whom he linked directly to the individual.

Reports out of the Dominican have yet to indicate exactly what roles Dotel and Castillo are accused to have had in Peralta’s alleged drug-trafficking and money-laundering operations.

Five nightclubs, 10 restaurants, three shopping malls, six shopping centers and more than 20 apartment buildings belonging to Peralta were raided in what the attorney general’s office is calling one of the largest operations in its history. The attorney general’s office says it made more than 15 arrests in the case, and is seeking four more suspects who are in the U.S.

Dotel, 45, played for 13 teams over 15 years in the big leagues before his career ended in 2013. He earned $41 million during his career. Castillo, 43, played 15 seasons in the big leagues as well, including 10 with the Marlins. He earned nearly $57 million during his playing days.

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