Two distinct takes on the night Kobe Bryant went off for 81 points (VIDEO)

We've talked about Kobe Bryant's 81-point night quite a bit here at Ball Don't Lie. We've discussed whether or not it was more impressive than Wilt Chamberlain's 10o-point night, and that a particularly rabid pizza jag preceded it.

Now, as we await the day that these NBA players decide to break camp and take to the exhibition season (just kidding; nobody is awaiting that), we'll provide you with a few other voices discussing his 2006 explosion. First up, courtesy of Grantland, here's former Toronto Raptor Jalen Rose detailing just how the Kobester lit Toronto up:

And, in a (typically) very cool breakdown from Coach Nick, comparing Bryant's 81-point night with Michael Jordan's 69-point explosion from the 1989-90 season: