Twitter/X reacts to Arkansas’ loss to Kentucky

Arkansas played its best basketball game of the season against Kentucky.

Arkansas lost.

Arkansas could have been playing like that all season long.

Arkansas is cooked.

All four statements are true. The Razorbacks, after Saturday’s 111-102 loss at 15th-ranked Kentucky are now below .500 and in danger of finishing with a losing record for the first time since John Pelphrey’s 2009-10 team.

This year’s version of the Hogs isn’t nearly as bad as that one, which is what makes the season so frustrating for Arkansas fans. Coach Eric Musselman is with them in that emotion, though his cries aren’t made on Twitter. He’s a bit more stable than that.

Some Arkansas fans are convinced this is his last year with the Hogs. For whatever reason. Some are convinced Devo Davis is gone, too. And Khalif Battle. And Tramon Mark.

In other words, Twitter/X, that basion of sanity on the internet, continued to have wild takes even after the Hogs’ best game of the year. These are but a sampling.

The timeouts

Arkansas held on to its timeouts in the late stages of a close game, frustrating fans.

Crazy talk

Never forget that Twitter/X is filled with ridiculous assertions like this and you’re better off without it.

Not actually Devo Davis, obviously

See? People, er, trolls are convinced of every terrible thing they want to believe.

This has validity

Arkansas has high highs with Eric Musselman. But the lows have been rough during the regular season.

Khalif Battle an all-timer lately

Khalif Battle has found his game for the Razorbacks. His return next season is Arkansas’ biggest question mark.

Spurts and limited defense

Arkansas has a problem with knowing when to press the gas pedal, for sure.

Free-throw count

Musselman pointed out the free-throw discrepancy after the game. Arkansas had 28, Kentucky had 42.

It fell apart at the end

Arkansas went six-ish minutes without a field goal. That was the game, right there.

More on the timeouts

Another valid point.

Two guys who speak their mind

No one would ever call Musselman and Calipari quiet on their sidelines.

One fan is done

Not sure what the point in quitting now is, with two games left and after Arkansas played its best game of the year, but go on.

Story originally appeared on Razorbacks Wire