Twitter users are losing it over 'haunted' Craigslist offer

A Craigslist piano for sale has Twitter users freaking out. The listing, for a free piano, went viral thanks to Florida-based journalist Timothy Burke. In a thread that’s now received almost 85,000 likes, Burke revealed the Craigslist ad — which featured one peculiar detail. It’s the latest comedic saga to seemingly become Twitter’s viral moment of the day. “I’m sorry what,” Burke tweeted, along with a photo of the listing. According to the photos, the seller listed their piano as “not haunted”. It’s a peculiar claim, one they elaborated on in the item’s description. “Not possessed or haunted in any way,” the ad reads, in part. “Please take this out of my home”. There are plenty of other hilarious claims in the listing — including that the instrument is not a “player piano” because it doesn’t play itself. Twitter users largely praised the comedic ad. “So I think the one takeaway from all this is that this piano is 100% haunted!” one user wrote, along with several laughing emojis. As Twitter users followed closely, Burke posted a handful of updates about his attempt to obtain the piano. First, he explained that he’d reached out about seriously going to pick it up. Finally, he got a response. It’s unclear if Burke ended up getting the piano, but either way, it seems like this not haunted piano will find a new home