Twitter Users Have A Field Day With Trump's 'Major Announcement'

Donald Trump’s underwhelming “major announcement” went down like a lead balloon on Twitter ― with friends and foes alike.

Earlier this week, the former president said he had big news to share, leading onlookers to speculate if he had decided to return to Twitter or wonder if there had been a major development in his presidential campaign. But alas, on Thursday, Trump revealed: “My Official Donald Trump Digital Trading Card collection is here!”

The digital artwork ― non-fungible tokens or NFTs ― feature Trump in different outfits, including a super suit, a cowboy get-up and a hunting kit. The cards cost $99 a pop.

This newest grift was, of course, red meat for Twitter users, many of whom ― including President Joe Biden ― quickly made announcements of their own:

And it wasn’t just the critics piling on. Trump supporters, too, seemed to think it was a bit of a flop.