A Twitter user uncovered the real meaning behind the word 'Triscuit'

In The Know

Life is full of unanswerable mysteries. Thankfully, the meaning behind the word “Triscuit” is one of those vital questions. Thanks to one savvy Twitter user, we now know the truth behind the snack brand’s name. Sage Boggs, a comedian, shared the discovery in a now-viral Twitter thread. According to an email Boggs shared, Nabisco claimed that there were no surviving business records that could explain the crackers’ name. Boggs went on to uncover some advertisements that revealed that Triscuits were originally produced near Niagara Falls. The falls were used to power production, leading the company's slogan “powered by electricity” . “Elec-TRI-city Biscuit. TRISCUIT MEANS 'ELECTRICITY BISCUIT,'” Boggs wrote. The official Triscuit Twitter account eventually chimed in to confirm that Boggs’ theory was completely true

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