Twitter reacts to Scottie Pippen calling Michael Jordan a horrible player

Despite not saying a word, Michael Jordan’s name continues to stay in headlines, this time with former teammate Scottie Pippen calling out the former Tar Heel.

It’s no secret that since the “Last Dance” documentary dropped, Pippen has not been too fond of Jordan, finding ways to take shots at him. Once again, the opportunity presented itself for Pippen to discuss Jordan in an interview on Stacey King’s podcast.

Pippen hyped Lebron James, using his stats as a reason he should be labeled as the greatest basketball player of all time. Then, Pippen pivoted to take a shot at Jordan, calling him a horrible player. He backed up the statement by going into Jordan’s struggles before he arrived in Chicago and the bad shots taken in games.

The harsh words provoked quite a reaction as basketball fans dissected what Pippen had said, sparking the LeBron versus Jordan debate once again.

Let’s see how Twitter reacted to Pippen’s comments about Jordan.

Story originally appeared on Tarheels Wire