Twitter reacts to Penn State’s massive win against Texas A&M

Penn State came out firing on the Texas A&M Aggies and in the process locked down a win that had Twitter buzzing.

Between the biggest win in Penn State’s NCAA tournament history and Andrew Funk breaking Twitter, it was a great night for Penn State. They are poised to play the two-seed Texas Longhorns but for now, they are celebrating this victory.

Coach Micah Shrewsberry coached a near-perfect game and arguably made himself a ton of money in the process.

Twitter noticed that and much more during the game though.

Kansas knows what this team is...

Prior to the game, a Kansas assistant gave a similar compliment that Tom Izzo did earlier in the year by recognizing how tough this Penn State team is. After it’s a massive win and major offensive performance, more teams and fans may be realizing this dream run may become their nightmare.

Dez Bryant caught on before everyone else

Dez Bryant may not always make the catch in the game but post-NFL career he seems to know college basketball pretty well. Before the game, he was calling it for Penn State and the Nittany Lions backed it up for the former Oklahoma State Cowboy.

Penn State broke a record early

All season long this Penn State team has knocked down three-pointers and in the tournament tonight they set history. They now have made the most shots from beyond the arc from a single team in the conference’s history.

This wasn't a fluke

We get it. Penn State isn’t a major basketball draw on the national radar (yet), but anyone who was watching the Big Ten tournament should have realized something like this could potentially happen.

Andrew Funk has national attention

Barstool Sports’ own Bigcat seemingly was enjoying the shooting display that one Andrew Funk took everyone on. After going 8 for 10, it is safe to say more people will be watching him in the next game for the Nittany Lions.

Penn State was on fire all night

Penn State shot 48% from the field, 39% from beyond the arc, and 81% from he foul line. When this team is hitting it’s shots, they can compete with any team in the country and they can prove that against Texas on Saturday.

On a somber note...

We don’t know what Penn State wants to do and how it values Micah Shrewsberry. We do know they will pay coaches who have sustained success to stick around, is he next though? Someone is going to pay him regardless.

Coaching matters in more ways than one

It was just one game in the NCAA tournament, but the national experts are recognizing just how good the quality of the coaching of this team has been, and why that makes them a dangerous squad.

Charles Barkley's reaction

Charle Barkley probably has not seen much of Penn State’s basketball team this season, so his insight on the team isn’t going to wow many. But hey, if all he watched was one game all year, then Penn State picked a good one to show off to the NBA hall of famer.

Penn State wants LeBron!

Look, the way Penn State was shooting the ball, they could have given just about anyone some real problems. Beating the Lakers, well, why not?

End on a funny note...

Penn State had its fun with Texas A&M. They controlled the game and they were in the driver’s seat throughout, they felt disrespected as a ten seed when teams they beat all year had earned higher ones, the redemption tour continues on Saturday.

Story originally appeared on Nittany Lions Wire