Twitter reacts to Notre Dame’s Chris Tyree’s fourth-quarter touchdown

Notre Dame probably needed one more score to make it incredibly difficult for UNLV to come back. The Irish had given up a touchdown, making the score 30-14. Then, they had a run-heavy drive that began in the third quarter and ended in the fourth. logan diggs did most of the carrying, but it was Chris Tyree who ran for an 8-yard touchdown to put the Irish up, 37-14:

It’s nice to see Tyree make a difference on the scoreboard during a season when he is becoming more and more forgotten with the emergence of Audric Estime. Even if this touchdown served as little more than insurance for the Irish, the fact that he’s made a difference in the score at all has to be fulfilling for him. Maybe this is the motivation he needs to have an amazing rest of the year. For now, he surely will be happy to read tweets like these:

Mason Plummer

Greg Slusarski

Tyler Horka

One Foot Down

Story originally appeared on Fighting Irish Wire