Twitter reacts to Justin Fields taking shot at Bears coaches

Bears quarterback Justin Fields is making headlines for his brutally honest comments about his recent struggles this season. Namely, who’s to blame.

Fields admitted that he felt “robotic” against the Buccaneers last week, where he didn’t feel like he was playing his game. But he’s determined not to let that happen again.

“I felt like I was playing robotic,” Fields said Wednesday. “My goal this week is to say F it and just play football. That’s when I play my best when I am out there playing free. I am going to go out there and be me.”

When asked about why he was overthinking, Fields was blunt: “Coaching.”

Fields said he’s being fed a lot of information by coaches — especially what they want from him as a pocket passer — which is causing him to overthink. Fields wants to stop thinking so much and just go out and play his game, similar to what we saw last season. And that’s what he promised for Sunday against the Chiefs.

As you can imagine, the NFL world had plenty of reactions to Fields’ presser. Whether it was some calling Fields immature for blaming it on his coaches and others praising Fields for taking accountability and also being honest about why he’s been playing “robotic.”

Safe to say, everyone’s got their popcorn ready to see what happens next at Halas Hall. Oh, and it’s only Week 3.

Here's how the NFL world is reacting to Fields taking a shot at coaches:

Story originally appeared on Bears Wire