Twitter reacts: Arkansas takes lead, Hogs fans still hate on Kendal Briles

KJ Jefferson didn’t bother trying to leap the pile and extend his arms that time.

Arkansas took a 7-3 lead on Auburn in the first quarter Saturday with Jefferson’s 1-yard pile up the middle edging over the goal line.

Arkansas fans thought officials would hose the Razorbacks on the call. Auburn fans thought officials hosed the Tigers on the call. Both just go to show that the officials are always out to get your favorite team.

Hogs fans, too, were dissatisfied with offensive coordinator Kendal Briles’ play-calling during the drive. Even though the Razorbacks went 75 yards on eight plays, Briles’ choice to call three runs from the shotgun set inside the 10-yard-line frustrated some.

Either way, the Hogs led with 3:10 left in the first quarter with Jefferson 3 for 3 passing to that point for 48 yards and the rushing score.

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Story originally appeared on Razorbacks Wire