Twitter hates this eerie underground bunker in Las Vegas

Home is where the heart is, and sometimes that includes an elaborate bunker built 26 feet underground. A house in Las Vegas unofficially tops the list of weird home decor and additions with its secret bunker. From the street, it looks like a modest, mundane two-story home, but it’s hiding an elaborate 15,000-square-foot paradise below. Late homeowner Jerry Henderson built the house in the 1970s and, as a pioneer of “underground living,” wanted to add a bunker that would be comfortable enough to live in. During the Cold War era, it was common for people to be concerned about the threat of nuclear war. Thus, Henderson made sure the bunker came complete with artificial trees, faux rocks and other life-like scenery to make escaping the apocalypse a little more comfortable. The lights can be adjusted to imitate different times of the day and night and the bunker supplies a four-hole putting green, two hot tubs, a sauna, a dance floor, a bar, a barbecue and a swimming pool. Twitter, though, didn’t appear to see the charm in Henderson’s unusual creation. “Does anyone else get claustrophobic or is it just me?” one person commented. Luckily enough for fans of the design, the house — doomsday bunker and all — are listed for a cool $18 million