Twitter is happy about the death of 'Empire' character who had it coming

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It was a confrontation Empire fans have been waiting nearly a full season for when Lucious Lyon's suspicions about Shyne were finally confirmed. In case you missed it, back in the season three finale, Andre's plan of murdering his father was ultimately carried out by his co-conspirator, Shyne Johnson, played by rapper Xzibit. Up until Wednesday's episode, titled "A Lean and Hungry Look," Shyne intended on taking his involvement to the grave with him. That is, until Lucious found out and totally fooled him. After pretending that he wanted Shyne's help to kill Eddie Barker, the tables were turned on Shyne when Lucious told him, "I mean, somebody be standing right next to you after trying to kill you, and smiling in your face like nothing ain't never happened." Lucious then asked Shyne, "How many chances have I given you to tell me the truth?" In the end, Lucious had one of his guys shoot Shyne, and Empire fans were actually totally cool with his death. In fact, before the big scene, one person tweeted:

While others tweeted:

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Fans were happy to have the old Lucious Lyon back, who ruthlessly thought ahead when he put Shyne down on one last track before taking him out, which he knew would be worth a lot of money following his demise. Yep, he got played.

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