Twitter is excited about samurais, tigers, and White Stripes in new 'Westworld' parks

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We caught a terrifying glimpse of two new worlds on Westworld Sunday night. As soon as a samurai came running out of the woods toward Maeve, Twitter exploded with people excited to see Shogun World. One fan wrote, "OOOO, we in Shogun World now!!! I'm here for it!!" And while most people were worked up about samurais in WestWorld, the show started off in another far East land.

Raj World takes place in 19th Century India under British rule, and the hosts there are also revolting. People were in love with the new world, especially the music, which was "Seven Nation Army" by The White Stripes, with an Indian flair. One person tweeted, "Seven Nation Army on sitar? I'm in love."

Fans just got a taste of the new worlds, but with samurais and tigers mixing with the Old West, things are sure to get very interesting.

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