Twitter can't stop laughing at this woman who 'felt sexy' — and then wiped out

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Hilarious author talks about “feeling sexy” before taking a fall. (Photo: Twitter/Laura Jane Williams)
Hilarious author talks about “feeling sexy” before taking a fall. (Photo: Twitter/Laura Jane Williams)

Admitting that you’re feeling sexy is a great moment of self-confidence. Being able to laugh at yourself when that moment goes awry is even better. And it seems that Laura Jane Williams, an Amazon bestselling author from North London, can do both.

The hilarious writer of two memoirs, as well as her own blog, Superlatively Rude, is known for her large personality and her ability to tell it how it is. It’s something she displayed recently as she took a selfie video while she was totally feeling herself — before she completely wiped out. Although many would find the moment pretty embarrassing and maybe even discard the evidence, Williams decided to post the video of the incident to her Twitter, which of course led it to go viral.

“This is gonna sound really silly … but I feel really sexy,” Williams confesses in the video — right before she takes a tumble on the sidewalk and loses control of her phone. The moment is funnier every time you watch it, which explains her own admitted inability to stop. But from the looks of the tens of thousands of retweets and likes, others can’t seem to stop watching either.

“I’ve played this about 1000 times and I’m still crying,” one user replied, while others reacted to how hilariously relatable the incident is.

Best of all, however, are the few tweets expressing concern for Williams post-fall.

The video did get a lot of attention for the laughs. But people are still recognizing Williams for being so cool and confident about the slip — a reason why so many of her followers love her.

Thank you, Laura Jane Williams, for showing everyone that even the most embarrassing of times are worth a good laugh and share.

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