Twitch to start selling games "soon"

Yahoo Esports
Twitch is launching a new feature to sell games through its platform. (Twitch)
Twitch is launching a new feature to sell games through its platform. (Twitch)

Streaming platform Twitch will officially start selling PC games and in-game content through its website “soon”. As first detailed back in February, any viewer watching a broadcast will be able to purchase the game being streamed, including relevant in-game content.

Twitch confirmed to Yahoo Esports that the feature will automatically pop up for Partnered streamers, who can earn money from purchases made via their channel pages. Users who buy games through Twitch will be rewarded with a free Twitch Crate, which contains randomized drops of digital goods relevant to Twitch users. This includes exclusive emotes, chat badges, and Bits for Cheering.

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At the time of launch, the feature will apply to about 50 games, ranging from the recently released For Honor to older games like Minecraft and SMITE. Users will be able to purchase games and download and play them through the Twitch Desktop app or via publisher-run digital platforms such as Uplay.

As well as buying games through stream channels, users will be able to make purchases through game detail pages, with 70 percent of the revenue going to developers. Partnered Twitch streamers will earn 5 percent of sales made from their channel pages.

The feature will launch in English with USD pricing, with localized versions to come later.

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