Twitch streamer shuts down troll over sexist joke

A Twitch streamer clapped back at a troll who made a sexist comment to her while she was playing a match. Negaoryx is a voice actress and variety streamer who was playing Dead by Daylight when a troll in her Twitch chat made a sexist pass at her. She posted up the interaction on Twitter which has since gone viral. “Hi ! what color is your thong today?” the viewer wrote. Negaoryx sighed and had some choice words for the troll. “Respect women,” Negaoryx said on her stream. “You just absolute infant of a human”. Unfortunately, female streamers have long been targets of sexist harassment on Twitch and other streaming platforms. As for Negaoryx, the outpouring sympathy in the aftermath of her tweet also net her a bunch of new followers