Twins win gold for their adorable Olympic-themed photo shoot

Sweet Spot

Benjamin and Zachary Shemenski are living out their Olympic dreams at just 8 months old (too cute, right?). The identical twins are honoring the 2018 Winter Games in Pyeongchang and melting hearts at the same time. Their mom, Meagan Shemenski, and family friend/photographer Genevive Collins are the masterminds behind the adorable photos.

The sweet snaps have gone viral, and it’s no surprise! The props and costumes are spot-on, and Shemenski even tagged Olympic athletes — that will definitely get some attention. She told Today, “This project was for our friends and family to enjoy. We didn’t really expect anything would come of it.”

The fierce twosome are representing team USA, of course, but not in just one sport. They’ve got hockey, snowboarding, bobsledding, and figure skating covered, to name a few. “It took hundreds of photos to get the 18 we are posting.” Mission accomplished, Mom. The Shemenski twins are the ones to beat.

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