'Twin Peaks' behind the scenes: A weird, wonderful look at David Lynch at work

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If you think the experience of watching a David Lynch production is surreal, just imagine acting in one. Yahoo Entertainment is premiering two new behind-the-scenes clips included on the upcoming Blu-ray release of Lynch’s acclaimed Twin Peaks revival for Showtime, and both showcase the weird, wild way the famously iconoclastic director prefers to work. In the above clip, Lynch can be seen chatting with his muse, Sheryl Lee, aka Laura Palmer, guiding the actress through a shot where her Red Room self reveals what lies behind her face to Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan), while also delivering her line, “Do you recognize me?” backwards. “We’re going to play the whole thing backwards,” Lynch explains, to which a perplexed Lee replies, “OK…”

In the second clip, Lynch is back behind the camera holding his trusty bullhorn — a piece of equipment that he’s rarely without — coaching MacLachlan on how to give a proper Twin Peaks-style thumbs-up. “The position for the thumbs-up is kind of critical,” he booms, while his star does his best to adjust to Lynch’s ultra-specific vision. We don’t know about you, but we’d happily watch an entire 18-hour limited series of David Lynch talking to actors through a bullhorn.

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Twin Peaks: A Limited Series Event debuts on Blu-ray on Dec. 5. 

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