This tweet shows how desperate opposing fans are to hate on Justin Fields

The Chicago Bears and their fan base are entering a completely new reality. For the first time in franchise history — literally — the team has a quarterback who is the envy of the NFC North.

Sure, the Green Bay Packers still have Aaron Rodgers, but an ugly divorce appears more likely with each passing day. The Minnesota Vikings (Kirk Cousins) and Detroit Lions (Jared Goff) are fine at quarterback, but neither player offers the kind of excitement and upside as Justin Fields, the Bears’ first-round pick in the 2021 NFL Draft.

The best way to gain an understanding of how fans are feeling in the months leading up to the regular season is by scanning social media, and one Vikings fan apparently searched high and low to find a reason (any reason) to hate on Fields.

Check out this ridiculous tweet:

Yep, we’ve officially arrived at this place. The place where opposing fanbases are so nervous and worried about a reality that includes a franchise quarterback in Chicago that they’ll try and connect something as unrelated as the spot in the order in which a player is picked at his position in the NFL draft to draw a favorable conclusion for their self-serving interest.

This is a strange place for Bears fans to be in, but it’s oh so wonderful. And what’s even better? The Vikings tried and failed to trade up to the No. 8 pick to select Fields.

The Bears’ first game against Minnesota in 2021 doesn’t come until December 20, which all but guarantees Fields will be in the starting lineup against the Vikings. By then we should know if being the fourth quarterback selected really means he’s destined to be (or on track to be) a bust.

Spoiler alert: It won’t.