TV host Maury Povich: Dwayne Haskins' recent actions are 'disappointing'

Ryan Wormeli
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TV host Maury Povich: Haskins' actions are 'disappointing' originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

Maury Povich, a longtime daytime tabloid television host and Washington, D.C. native, has seen his fair share of untapped potential over the years. He's interviewed countless guests about their poor decision-making and lack of concern for their own futures, and now, he's turning his sights on Washington quarterback Dwayne Haskins.

In an interview with the Washington Football Talk podcast, Povich weighed in on Haskins' tumultuous year, including the most recent apology for his actions after the team's loss on Sunday in which he broke numerous COVID-19 protocols.

"That’s disappointing to me. And he’s done a couple of other things, in terms of the season," Povich said in the interview. "He’s a kid, you know. I mean I’ve rooted for this kid ever since we picked him. It’s very difficult to see a kid who has really strong arm talent, and you would think that he would be able to mature the way some of those other kids have, like the guys like Josh Allen and the others have, like [Kyler] Murray and those guys, because I think the talent is there."

For Povich, it's never been about Haskins' athletic ability.

"The question is, it’s a lot going on here," Povich said, while gesturing to his head.

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This isn't the first time Haskins has gotten in trouble for potentially breaching COVID-19 protocols, and his latest antics came after a loss in his first game back as a starting quarterback.

Povich does point out that Haskins is still young compared to his more experienced peers. But NFL quarterbacks need a higher floor of maturity, and Povich - along with the rest of the Washington Football Team fan base - hasn't seen it yet out of their 2019 first-rounder.

The full interview with Maury Povich can be heard on the newest episode of the Washington Football Talk podcast.