Turquoise Trail students leave school after report of gun on campus

Apr. 26—The Santa Fe County Sheriff's Office is investigating reports of a gun on campus Wednesday at Turquoise Trail Charter School.

Though the reported weapon resulted in a shelter-in-place order at the pre-K through grade 8 school throughout late morning and early afternoon, no firearm has been found on the charter school's campus, Santa Fe County Sheriff Adan Mendoza said.

All students and staff at the school are safe, Turquoise Trail's Head Administrator Christopher Eide Azevedo announced on the school's Facebook page.

Administrators learned Wednesday morning a middle school student may have brought a gun to school, pulling the weapon out of his backpack in a school bathroom to show to friends, Azevedo said in an interview.

Students from both the school's middle and elementary schools started to shelter in place around 11 a.m., Mendoza said, and sheriff's deputies responded shortly thereafter to search the school and speak with students in an effort to find the weapon.

Deputies' searches and interviews uncovered no immediate threat, but students were transported off campus starting around 1:30 p.m. as a precaution, Mendoza said. Parents were able to pick up their children from there, the sheriff's office's shelter-in-place order shows.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the sheriff's office had not found any gun, Mendoza said, but deputies will continue to investigate. The school, too, will release more information when possible, Acevedo wrote in a Facebook post.

Mendoza said the incident serves as a reminder to parents to discuss safety at school and encourage their children to report anything dangerous they might see on campus.

That reporting made a difference in this case, Azevedo said.

"I can't speak highly enough of our students who know the right thing to do and did the right thing, right away," he said. "A message to all students: They have a unique power to really, really do important and potentially life-saving things when they speak up when they see things or hear things like this."